Wednesday at II – Home Project Day (Drop Cloth Drapes)

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It’s WEDNESDAY at Interior Inspirations!! And that means….HOME PROJECT DAY.

At our home, our “home project” for today is to steam & stencil & sew on our drapes.
And here’s why….you know how I like to decorate, not to be fancy, but to express “US” and to have some FUN!
Well, our drapes in the family room and dining room and my home office are all Canvas Drop Cloths from Lowes. I LOVE the look, but I love the symbolism, too. Rip and I are in the home improvement business and we do a lot of painting, chalk painting, etc. So, what better use of “fabric” is the light weight canvas painters drop cloths.

I want to STEAM them today, and then I will STENCIL the ones in the home office, …. rick-rack is going on the ones in the family room and YES, ours already have the ruffle! I did the easy fold over ruffle and they will have some pretty rick-rack added to them.
I don’t have a photo YET of our finished drapes (they are in certain videos I’ve posted lately), but right now they look great just as soft linen looking fabric.
These photos are where I got the inspiration.

Drop cloth drapes drop cloth drapes 2

drop cloth drapes 3 drop cloth drapes 4

drop cloth drapes 6 drop cloth drapes 7 drop cloth drapes 8 drop cloth drapes 9
Happy Home Projecting!!!

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