Weather Stripping & The Word of God

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I had a thought that I wanted Lisa and I to share with you…

Weather stripping is no small thing. Without it, the door doesn’t operate as it should. Hot and cool air escapes and enters the house and causes the electric bill to increase. So many things can go wrong when that one seemingly insignificant thing is not used properly. Yet, we pass by it every single day in our homes…overlooking it and not giving it a smidgin’ of attention.

The Word of God, unfortunately, can be at times something we overlook all day long, too. We can tend to see the Word of God as a seemingly small “thing” to our day. Yet without it, life will not operate as it should – as God designed for our life to be. Doors are made to just not work well without weather stripping, and without it we pay the price – a high price! Heating and cooling bill can shoot sky high. Same with our life – we just aren’t made to live well without the Word of God.

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