Transforming Through Trials – Part 6

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In this series of posts I’ve been discussing the concept of transforming through a struggle; a trial. But the ultimate trial of all time happened over 2,000 years ago, when Jesus was arrested, tried, tortured, and crucified. Talk about an unfair trial; we can’t even wrap our minds around it.

I stumbled upon the perfect ending for this series when I found this video, because it centers around a pivotal, but often ignored, character in the narrative: Barabbas.

It had truly never dawned on me who Barabbas really is in this story (meaning how God orchestrated the symbolism that no one in that crowd understood at the time). But the magnitude of it is almost too much to take. Right before his death, Jesus watches silently – lovingly – as a murderous, sinful man is set free with no charges held against him. Jesus knows that it’s representative of all of mankind. We are set free and stand before God without stain because of His perfect, precious sacrifice.

I am Barabbas.

But the verdict of my trial has already been decided.

And because of that gift of His life – payment for MY sin, not His – I live free. We transform through our trials when that becomes real to us. When we grasp it; sit in and dwell on that reality – we are absolutely and forever changed.

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