To Be Found Faithful

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“Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.  Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.” 1 Corinthians 4:1-2

My husband and I have always struggled financially.   He laughs at the idea of me on a budget.  I have put myself on one from time to time but not consistently.  I’m not a big spender but still I need to budget what I’ve been given. Honestly, there have been many times I’ve been afraid we would have to declare bankruptcy.  We never have.  We’ve been faithful to tithe the money we have made.

Before you, my sisters in Christ, this is my confession:

I need to be a better steward of my money and my time.  I joke about having ADD but in all honesty, I probably do have a bit of it.  Still without excuse.  I have taken Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  My son teaches it and has lived by it for the past five years.  Again, I am without excuse.

The times I have been afraid, I’ve heard God say, “I AM.”  I am your Jehovah Jireh and I will provide for you.  He always has.  God is so good.  In my weakness, He is strong.  He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond what we can ask or think or imagine.

I’ve taught the Bible to women for many years, large groups, small groups and all in between.  I’ve lead retreats, written one Bible study on, “Matters of the Heart – Becoming a Heart that Matters.” (non-published) It is the study of Esther.  I’m not saying these things to brag or boast.  I’m saying: As a student of God’s Word;  I should be a better steward of time and money.

“In our weakness; He is strong.”  

In our holy reverence and fear of God, we need to pray for one another to be found faithful.

Oh, how I want to be found faithful before the Lord my God.  He walks with me and talks with me and tells me I am His own.  I want to faithfully be obedient to Him, in every area of my life.  Let’s pray for and encourage one another to stand strong and be full of faithfulness.  If you see a sister struggling in a certain area, go to her side and offer to help. We are to bear each other up in our most holy faith.

This day, I repent before the Lord and declare before you, my sisters in Christ, that I will begin budgeting my time and money.  It is necessary for this woman after God’s own heart.  Let us pray for one another that we might be found full of faithfulness.


Lord Jesus, may we all be found full of faithfulness in every area of our lives.  We need You now Lord Jesus, more than yesterday.  We long for you to be glorified in all areas of our lives.  Teach us to number our days, that we might present to You a heart of wisdom.  Faithful are You who has called us.  We are asking that You will bring to pass all that concerns us.  In Jesus Name we pray.  Amen!


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