Jars of Clay

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“Now we have this treasure in clay jars, so that this extraordinary power may be from God and not from us,” 2 Corinthians 4:7.

What is a “clay jar”? In this verse it’s referring to an every day ordinary life that is surrounded and battered by troubles.

In our own life, we may not be sure what to do, but we can be certain that God knows what to do. We may be spiritually terrorized, but we know that God has not left our side. Life may have us beaten up and thrown down, but we are not broken.

You may ask, “So, how is that? How is my life so safe and sound from such devastations and enabled to carry on?”

It’s all because of “this treasure” in our ordinary life that is extraordinary in power.

It’s Jesus!

Yes, as our Heavenly Father’s “clay jars” we have “this treasure.”  This remarkable life-sustaining bright and glorious Treasure. A Treasure of incomparable power! His name – Jesus. Not only is our day to day to day to day life, (our clay jar) to be filled with the Treasure of Jesus Christ, but our day to day to day to day life is to be lived in display of this Treasure….this extraordinary Treasure. This extraordinary Power.

Friends, our life is going to experience the SAME things Christ experienced – torture, mockery, betrayal, rejection, lies, slander, trials, and troubles – but because we are HIS clay jar, this extraordinary power from God is at work within us. This extraordinary power exists to give glory to God, and all we need to do is yield. Totally and completely yield to the abiding of the Treasure in our hearts. Then we can face anything, we can face everything, we can endure, run the race, win the prize and we can OVERCOME!

Be Inspired: What does this extraordinary power look like? It’s there as you pick up toys for the umpth-teen time, dust your furniture, and make tuna fish and toast for lunch. It’s there as you talk on the phone with a hurting friend and listen to her even as she sighs. It’s there as you choose to forgive. It’s there as you choose to not be selfish. It’s there as you choose to give and give and give generously and cheerfully. It’s there in your prayers and in your tears; tears that are doing all the praying for you. That power is in the soft shoulder of a caring spouse and in the routines of tackling your laundry. That power is there as you rock your child to sleep and as you take time to rest yourself. That power is there in the preaching, the proclaiming and in the soft whispers of hope. It’s there as you speak, as you welcome, as you wait, and as you wonder. It’s there to serve, to help, to nurture and most importantly to …. love.

As a child of God, YOU house the Treasure of His extraordinary power in your ordinary life; a jar of clay. So, will you live in this reality today? 

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