The Smiles of Home – It Ain't About the Fancy, But the Fun!

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When I think about home, there is something that always happens – I smile.

Looking around the place I find my husband’s old worn out recliner and think about how each night we end the day there – it’s our winding down place. Just thinking that THAT is where we will be by 9:00pm … I smile.

When I walk past my daughter’s room and smell her perfume still lingering and I see her stack of vintage books beside her bed, with the soft throws across her mattress … I smile. 

When I pile on camouflage and slip on a baby blue toboggan to help my man plant some posts so folks can find our driveway easier at night … I smile.

When I go into our kitchen early in the morning only to look out our window to see rockers on our front porch with the morning sun rising in the sky and the smell of hot coffee brewing in my cup ... I smile. 

When I see a candle burning on top of a small wooden tray that my husband made for me, right next to a chalk-painted iron stand that holds a very delicate potted plant and a family photo in a white distressed frame … I smile.

When I put freshly ironed clothes out for Rip, or when I lay placemats on our dinner table with matching cloth napkins, or when I dump a pile of laundry on our sofa that needs to be folded and put away … I smile. 

When I look around my home and not see fancy, but see all the pleasurable, interesting and enjoyable people, memories, opportunities and celebrations of family and home … I smile.

You see, everything I just shared with you is all so much fun for me!  And I’m not using that word in the way some may think.  Let me just share with you the dictionaries definition of the word “fun” –

enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

amusing, entertaining, interesting, or enjoyable.

In our new series, we are going to look at homemaking and experience homemaking in ways that are simply pleasurable, enjoyable or very interesting.  

I don’t know about you, but I’ve walked out of an in-depth time of bible study where I spent hours pouring over text, digging in commentaries, looking up Hebrew and Greek meanings of words, and literally said as I was making my way to the car, “Oh, WOW!! That was so much fun!!”   Why did I say that?  It’s because it was so incredibly interesting to me! Teach me something new….push me to a new level of understanding…nudge me to lean in and learn — and you just allowed me to have some shaw ‘nuf serious FUN!!

When we introduce our children, our spouses, our family and friends to things that they find interesting or pleasurable, we’re creating a place of fun for them. It doesn’t have to mean a high-energized activity or something that gets the adrenaline going in order to be fun. It can be the most calm, yet pleasurable activity. It may be simply enjoyable … like a night-time swing under the stars, or spending an entire morning day strolling through a park with paper lunch bags collecting fall leaves with the kiddos, or flipping through a Teen magazine with your daughter … and yet, it’s all fun!

So, be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you can get in on all the FUN!! THIS WEEK (September 28 – October 3, 2015) we will be opening the site to subscribers who will be able to get in on all the printables, downloads, and other videos of our new homemaking series:

“The Smiles of Home – It Aint’ About the Fancy, But the Fun!”

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