The Restoring Ministry of the Shepherd

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Have you ever really asked the Lord, “Why do You want to restore me?” Not, “Will you,” or “Can You,” but “Why do You even want to?” The reason I’m wording it that way is because there have been times in my life when I knew He would restore (time and time again) but I honestly wanted to know, “Why do You keep wanting to?”

That’s why I wanted to share this mini-lesson with you. Because I long for us to really understand why Psalm 23:3 says, “You restore my soul.”

Below is the PDF for “The Restoring Ministry of the Shepherd.”  It’s a 40 minute lesson, but y’all….I’m so excited to share just how the Lord restores us and why. Pour your coffee, find that quiet and still place and enjoy some green pasture with your Shepherd.

Restoring Ministry of the Shepherd

**See below the 1st page for the lesson — it is not a part of the PDF you will download, but you may want to print this page for your binders.


The Restoring Ministry of the Shepherd

Isaiah 53:6 – read

Hebrews 12:11 – read

Two Reasons Why He Restores His Sheep:

Reason for Restoration       Method of Restoration

Stubborn Sheep                    Rod of Correction

Straying Sheep                      Staff of Guidance


  • stubborn sheep – refusing to follow God’s direction
  • straying sheep – have left the Shepherd and the fold
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