The Power of Positive Praying, Lesson 4

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Tonight’s post will be more about God’s will. We have 12 points to cover:

1. There are 2 must haves for answered prayer :

a. Our faith to believe–Remember you have been given faith, the question then becomes, do we believe it?  Do we activate it? Do we live like we believe it? Are we walking it out?

b. God’s willingness to bestow.

2. So the big question is, “how” do we know God’s will? We touched on this yesterday, but I want you to consider a few more points. To know God’s will, we should check first to see if what we want or the direction we are headed is Scriptural. Do we have a God given desire in us or are we listening to the world? And lastly we should ask ourselves if there is a need for what we want to do?

3. Christianity is a Cross. The Cross is the letter “I” that has been crossed out.  “Thy will be done” should be our philosophy.

4. We have 3 capacities for knowing our Heavenly Father;  knowledge, emotion, and will. We haven’t lost these, they have been stained by sin.

5. We must never forget that our will wants to be master, it doesn’t want to submit.

6. God is more willing for us to know His will than we are to know it. He is certainly not keeping it from us.

7. Contrary to what most people think, God wants the best for His children. His best IS His will.

8. We don’t need to be looking for a ” supernatural experience” or a Damascus Road encounter. God usually reveals Himself  through normal means.

9. “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6: 33-34

These verses should be our approach to life and all that goes on in a day. We don’t need to worry or concern ourselves far in advance. We need to go step by step with God. Dr. Bisagno says we should not live in the future. I believe these verses from Matthew 6 support his belief.

1o. God is an on time God. He is not going to give you a plan or instructions without you having ample time to act. Yes, there will be times of “spontaneous obedience” that will be required of us, but as His Word most clearly shows us, He is a very orderly God.

11. Is God’s will always pleasant? NO!!! We have to trust that it will be in the long run. Just because we may encounter something unpleasant, we can’t assume that it is not from God. He is the Potter and we are the clay. Fire is required in the process.

12. Romans 8:28 does not say that all things are good, it says rather, that all things work together for good. We need to remember this and stop putting things in God’s mouth.

I hope you can take this little list with you into your weekend. Print if off, refer back to it. Think on God and His will. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find it is not such a mystery after all.

Living free,

Rene’ Collins

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