The Persecuted Christian

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“For the enemy has persecuted my soul; He has crushed my life to the ground;…Answer me speedily, Oh Lord;”

Psalm 143: 3a,7a

The enemy is out to persecute the souls of God’s children.  He tries to crush our lives to the ground and make us dwell in darkness.  He wants our spirits to be overwhelmed within us and make us distressed.  It’s in these times, we must pray for and encourage one another, build each other up in our most holy faith.  Speak the Word of Life to those whose souls are downcast.  Speak it aloud to one another.  The Word will lift up heads toward the heavens.  Where does our strength come from?  It comes from the Lord our God.

God tells us, “Blessed are the persecuted for they shall see the kingdom of God. If by chance we are persecuted to the point of death, when our spirit leaves the body, we will be present with the Lord.  While we are still living in this world, if our spirit fails, we can refuse to sink into despair.  We cry out to the Lord, who is our trust.  He will revive us and restore our soul.  He will show us the way to go.  Expect to hear from Him. He will destroy our enemies and and deliver us safely to His kingdom.

We are witnessing persecution in other parts of the world.  It could come to America any day.  However, we need not fear what man can do to the body because we belong to the One who will take us immediately to be with Him.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, you say “blessed are the persecuted, for they shall see the kingdom of God.” May we not fear what man can do to us.  God help us to be strong in you and in the strength of Your might.


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