The Lucky Clover Trading Co. Has GREAT Holiday Giving Ideas!

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So much of gift giving is in “how” it’s given…and I love to make our own gifts each Christmas! There is just something about homemade gifts that are just from the heart..knowing that the hands that created, is only the overflow of the heart that longs to give.

When we make home baked goodies, or have fun and small “happies” that we want give at as gifts, sometimes the most creative ways to give them are in using simple things like the Lucky Clover Trading Co.’s wire baskets. Watch the video, too,  and think “outside the basket” of all kinds of ways you can give gifts this year using these very inexpensive totes, baskets, mesh bags, etc..

This is such a great website for gathering up creative ways we can give gift this year, without it always being the traditional “paper, ribbons and bows.” Which, by the way, I do love a pretty bow! But sometimes you just want to use other things in making the entire gift “a gift” itself.

BE SURE to check out their CLEARANCE items, too!

Oh, and here is their HOLIDAY line, too!

Happy Holiday Giving!





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