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Even when a kitchen may have a limited amount of central space, you may can still have an island…but not any o’ island. Today’s blog post is something I’ve wanted to encourage for some time now because … well, it’s just something that I feel gives your kitchen (the heart and hub of your home) some character…so “story” even to your house.

Some homes built today have custom-made islands that either match or coordinate with the countertops and trim molding that is throughout the kitchen. In this photo, the island cabinets and trim is the same as what is throughout the kitchen. The base of the island was painted with a warm Sherwin Williams “In the Navy” blue, and the top has the same countertop throughout the kitchen – a Calacatta white quartz. It is a very pretty polished space, but if there was one thing I would change is the lighting. I personally would put 2 fixtures above the island with more prominence and weight to them. Like what you see in the photo.

So, if you can add (or even replace) an island in your kitchen, how about letting that one piece of practical be NOT so practical? Why not find that one piece of furniture that seriously speaks your “love homemaking” language? That looks like YOU, your family…or simply places a statement of “WELCOME” smack dab in the middle of your kitchen? Gather up some inspiration with these photos and consider how you can possibly create an island that would truly reflect the personality of your home and family.

The textures of this old piece is just stunning y’all with the clean, crisp white bright lines in this kitchen!

Give me an old piece like this, and set it right in the kitchen…and the possibilities are cRaZy, in how it can be used!!

Have a country kitchen? Then how about this idea…cutest thing!

Industrial – darks stained butcher block top – a perfect statement piece for this all white contemporary kitchen.

Farmhouse finds are THE best! Follow The Farmhouse 31 for great farmhouse inspiration!

Now,… this is my style, … clean, antique, and just a small and simple touch of beautiful right in the middle of the kitchen!

Now, for all your farmhouse – boho – contemporarians … here y’a go! THIS is probably one of my favorite designs… shows that the most important aspect of any kitchen is this – mix and match and toss and throw together the style and looks you like … tastefully!


Have a great Monday and by all means, SHOW off your kitchen islands in comments or at our Facebook group page! Click here & go there 🙂

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