The Fine Print

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“Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a Light into my path.  I will hide it in my heart, so that I might not sin against God.”  Psalm 119:105

When you take a new medication; do you automatically trust the doctor, or do you read the fine print?  When you sign a contract, do you carefully read the whole document?   Although disclosed; many times the fine print remains unread because the purchaser of the product fails to take the time to read it.  Serious consequences may be incurred.

Our enemy wants us to buy into his sale tactics. He’s a smooth operator.  He does not want you to read the fine print; but to go through the consequences of taking a “big ole” heaping tablespoon of his lies.

Here are some examples:

  •     We swallow way more than we can chew; so we start to choke on all that is on our plate.  
  •     We dwell on what’s been said or done.  Worry sets in.  Anxiety builds and then comes depression.
  •     We believe busyness = productivity.
  •     We try to please people to the point of becoming overwhelmed.

Priscilla Shirer says in the Armor of God; “Truth is basically defined as God’s opinion on any matter.”  He will never try to deceive you with the fine print.  His commandments are written out for you in large, bold letters in our Bibles.  God has no hidden agenda.  His truth is the standard.

Let’s begin to examine the fine print; before moving forward.  We must choose to uphold and affirm the truth and boundaries set by God in Scripture.  God’s truth must be at the core of our existence.

Choose to remember the power of God is at work in you.  When you disregard the fine print of your enemy’s lies and deceit, you will be exhausted and unfulfilled in your Christian life.  How sad when we have God’s truth at our disposal.

Prayer in Motion:

God help me to acknowledge the fine print but choose to believe and obey Your Word at all times.  I know You will always tell me the truth.  Thank You Lord Jesus.  It’s in your Name I pray. Amen.


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