What's On Your List?

By Lisa Rippy / January 14, 2016

Since our 1st video in our new “YOUR Life and Home” series, I’ve had so much fun taking some “still” time every once and a while and work on that list. What list? Well, you need to watch the first video that I posted a couple of days ago to…

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Time to Whip Up Some Chicken Marsala and Build a Bench!

By Lisa Rippy / December 8, 2015

Nothing like coming home and having your friend, Chris Bonee, in your kitchen cooking up a delicious meal! My home smelled just like Olive Garden and so I had to grab my camera and capture the whole excitement in our home! I’m not a wine drinker, and have never cooked…

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Homemaking Done Right…Again! Video #2

By Lisa Rippy / November 4, 2015

Happy Tuesday! I hope you’ve had a great day Part of Today’s “Throw It Out” is REALLY obvious – throw out trash that’s literally piled up in our home throw out piles of unused bottles, containers, tubes of “whatever” that is tucked away in our cabinets and drawers go on…

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Lisa Rippy’s Newest Bible Studies…and more!

By Lisa Rippy / August 6, 2015

Hello friends!! Well, now that Rip and I are back from the Send 2015 Conference, (…insert Hallelujahrrr!!), we are still without words in response to everything we experienced!  We both wanted to grab a selfie of our time together because we KNOW that “there is no such thing as a…

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Family Bible Time Complete Series

By Ashley Lancaster / July 12, 2015

I just recently posted our final Family Bible Time video for this series, and I’ve been so blessed in sharing with you! Family Bible Time doesn’t have to be elaborate (in fact, it really shouldn’t be!). All you need is a short time to gather and a willingness to point…

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Rip & Lisa Working "Rippy Renovations"

By Lisa Rippy / July 10, 2015

Watch our Video!

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Successful Living God’s Way

By Lisa Rippy / July 10, 2015
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Family Bible Time Series, Part 4

By Ashley Lancaster / June 2, 2015

Hi everyone! Long time no posts/videos, but I’m happy to be back in the swing of things! May is just as crazy as December (in my opinion), and everyone is shifting into summer mode. I wanted to continue my Family Bible Time series with Part 4, which focuses on the…

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Laundry Room Reno…then what’s next!

By Lisa Rippy / May 29, 2015

  Hi there friends!  Well, we are at it again! Time for Rip and I to push back our sleeves and get busy transforming another area of our home. The laundry room reno is under way, and so is the bathroom that is tucked behind a pocket door. For a…

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Get Organized – Part 4 – "This Is My Life" Plan

By Lisa Rippy / April 20, 2015

Good Monday Morning! Are you ready to get going into the next step of creating a “This is My Life” ownership plan? You have no idea how much I am enjoying going on this journey with you! If you can, go ahead and grab your Bible, … I make reference…

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