When Kindness Changes Your Story

By lisa rippy / May 26, 2016

I was 25 and thought I knew it all. I was in a ministry job at a church I love. But I was prideful and arrogant and stubborn. And so I had to learn the hard way. During a meeting with the leadership above me, I displayed my immaturity in…

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How God Organized Our Life to GO with Him to Mississippi

By lisa rippy / May 22, 2016

Happy Sunday morning! In this video, Rip tells the story in how God started back in August 2015, really organizing our life, getting us more focused and intentional, to get us here in Mississippi. We knew “change” was coming, but had NO idea what that change was. In August, He…

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Your Story Matters

By Libby Williams / March 15, 2015

“The LORD our God has shown us his glory and greatness…” Deuteronomy 5:24 Standing on stage in front of the church; several young girls sang out; “We’ve a story to tell to the nations”, that will turn our hearts to the right, a story of truth and mercy, a story…

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