300,000 Miles

By lisa rippy / March 29, 2022

300,000 miles – Rip hit that today in his Avalanche truck that he bought in 2004, and he sent me a photo of it as soon as he did because, for me … That 300,000 miles happened because of so many selfless and humble reasons. Rip puts our 5 kids…

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Gain On the Bottom Shelf at Kroger?

By lisa rippy / June 4, 2015

Krogerland is mine and Rip’s home away from home. We call it Krogerland because, like Disneyland and Opryland there are groves of people who come through week after week. In any given week, there are roughly 25,000 people who come through Rip’s store, and that makes Krogerland our mission field.…

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