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Little Traditions: It Starts with Cinnamon Toast!

By Ashley / March 10, 2015

I wouldn’t classify myself as a cook. At all. I would probably put myself more in the “follows a recipe and doesn’t want to linger in the kitchen” category. I have friends that love to bake; they find it really soothing to be mixing and putting things in the oven.…

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Shouts from the World or Whispers from God?

By lisa rippy / February 21, 2015

It’s 3 a.m….my youngest is standing beside my bedside holding his stomach and telling me he’s about to throw up. I instantly pop up from a dead sleep and run with him to the bathroom. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. As he settles back in for the…

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Mom Guilt–Balancing Work and Home

By lisa rippy / February 18, 2015

Suffer from mom guilt? Honestly, what mom doesnt’? Luckily, you aren’t alone! Guilt creeps into our world daily as mothers. As a single mom working full-time to provide for my children, my job is vital to their well-being. So what happens when I let guilt over missing a field trip…

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