B.A.G. Woman – Obedience – (Yielding to the Spirit)

By lisa rippy / December 7, 2015

I have missed our time in bible study so so much, but at the beginning of our video lesson, I explain where I’ve been and why.  If you are just now joining us in study, click here for the FULL PDF of the Being a Godly Woman Study bible study. I…

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B.A.G. Woman – Obedience (Part 3)

By lisa rippy / November 15, 2015

Hi girls…so sorry this was not posted on Friday, but we had quite a day! You will need some plain notebook paper for the end activity…praying for you, and can’t thank you enough for going through this study together.  Here is the PDF for “Positive Confessions” that I mention in…

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B.A.G. Woman – Obedience (Part 2)

By lisa rippy / November 9, 2015

Y’all!! Finally this video posted! It took 12 hours! THEN, after 12 hours, I went to the computer and it said, “Publishing to Youtube failed.” I couldn’t believe it…so I did it again! It said it was going to take 10 hours to upload and it ended up being only…

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B.A.G. Woman – Obedience PART 1 (Finally!)

By lisa rippy / November 1, 2015

Finally, y’all…this video UPLOADED!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! (Excuse the tired eyes….but I’ve been going and going, but today (Sunday) I stopped and spent the day working in my Home Binder while watching football with Trace. It’s been a perfect restful day, with my son and a pot full of taco…

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Let's Grab Our Bibles….Time for "A Word from the Lord" Bible Study

By lisa rippy / June 24, 2015

We all want success, right? It’s not just how we are “wired”, it’s how we are “created.” We’ve been created in the image of God, and His image IS the perfection of success. He is a Holy perfectionist when it comes to success. But for us to to experience His…

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