John MacArthur

Pleasing One Another

By lisa rippy / July 14, 2023

Today’s post is taken from this message from Dr. John MacArthur – Pleasing One Another For the Sake of Christ Do you profess to know Christ intimately? Do you profess to desire nothing more than to live a life in display of Christ? Do you profess to actually be born…

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While Running, God Provided!

By lisa rippy / July 14, 2023

It was a hot day in June when I laced up my tennis shoes to go for an afternoon run in a nearby subdivision. And it was while running, God provided such amazing truth during the next hour! Truth that He knew I needed, for myself and for those I…

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The Rapture and the Day of The Lord

By lisa rippy / July 10, 2023

“And anybody who sets a date is operating completely independent of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Scripture.  There is an element in both the Rapture and the day of the Lord that you must recognize, and that’s the element of unexpectedness, so that everyone lives in anticipation and accountability…

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Dirt That Doesn't Belong

By lisa rippy / June 1, 2015

This past weekend, while there were moments of sunshine, I decided to take full advantage of it. So, Rip and I went to one of our “happy places” (Lowes), and bought a “heavy-duty-not-playing-around-Lisa’s-new-toy” pressure washer!  YES! I turned my new toy on at 7:45am and didn’t stop deep cleaning until…

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