look to the lilies photo of yellow flower

Look to the Lilies … and Watch What Happens Next!

By lisa rippy / March 22, 2019

“Look to the lilies and how they grow…” Luke 12:27 I had one of those mornings – started off with reading Psalm 62, then Samantha¬†came into the room and read to me her devotional from her new book, “Embraced.” And in both times of just sitting and listening, it was…

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Lose the Excuses & Gain an Attitude of Gratitude!

By lisa rippy / January 5, 2016

Rip came home for lunch today and I just had to share with him what happened at the gym this morning. Getting on the treadmill is how I always start into my workout…and I love it! I get to walk and watch an entire row of TV’s that are all…

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