No Matter What Happens …

By lisa rippy / November 8, 2016

No matter what happens … There are 3 persons who will be unaffected, unhindered, unchanged, un-caught-off-guard, and un-overwhelmed by the results of the US people’s voting today. Those three persons are… God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit They already know exactly who will be allowed to…

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Leave All Else To Me

By lisa rippy / July 13, 2015

It’s Monday morning and as we start into another work week, let’s look into this new day with renewed understanding as to what our Father, in His Word, has said to us. Below is Scripture that has been worded in first person dialogue…as though this is the Lord Himself telling…

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Let's Grab Our Bibles….Time for "A Word from the Lord" Bible Study

By lisa rippy / June 24, 2015

We all want success, right? It’s not just how we are “wired”, it’s how we are “created.” We’ve been created in the image of God, and His image IS the perfection of success. He is a Holy perfectionist when it comes to success. But for us to to experience His…

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