#1 Vacuum for Carpet Cleaning

By lisa rippy / June 30, 2018

If there is one thing about our new home that I knew I needed to prepare for, before we moved in, was the fact that we would be back in Carpet Land. Yep, we’ve been all wood and tile for 2 years, but our new farmhouse came with carpet. Nice,…

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Tuesday at II – Clean Bathrooms Make for Happy Bathrooms!

By lisa rippy / November 12, 2015

It’s CLEANING DAY at Interior Inspirations! And today is all about …. CLEAN BATHROOMS! When a bathroom is deep cleaned, it just makes using the tub, shower, sinks, vanity and cabinets and drawers just an all round happier experience. Our goal today is to DEEP clean our bathrooms. Starting with:…

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Plan Ahead for Monday

By Rene' Collins / November 7, 2015

Hey there! Well, a  Monday for many of us means getting the house in order after the weekend. For many others it means heading out the door for work bright and early.  No matter how you start your week, we can all use some help in preparing for the week…

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Spring Cleaning Has Arrived!

By lisa rippy / April 10, 2015

Spring is here and I am so excited!  I love spring, the newness of everything!  New growth, new babies (my 13th grand baby is past due by 5 days, but God’s in control of that.  LOL), spring flowers and yes, spring cleaning.  If you are anything like me (a lil OCD) then…

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