Being a Godly Woman

B.A.G. Woman – WISDOM (Prt 2)

By lisa rippy / October 25, 2015

Hi ladies! Guess what? Ashley Lancaster, a young lady who I just love her to death, and who is a frequent contributor to our ministry, created a cover for us to slip down into our 3-ring binders!! Thank you so much Ashley! It’s just perfect! here’s the cover…. BAG Cover…

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B.A.G. Woman – Week 2 – WISDOM (prt 1)

By lisa rippy / October 23, 2015

Watch our Video! It’s 6:47pm on Friday, Oct 22, and I have been trying to upload today’s Bible study since 8:00am. And after working out a few issues with our web designer, we finally got our study posted! Part 2 will be posted tomorrow – Saturday. Happy Studying! And I’m…

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B.A.G. Woman – Intro Lesson – Week 1

By lisa rippy / October 16, 2015
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Lisa Rippy’s Newest Bible Studies…and more!

By lisa rippy / August 6, 2015

Hello friends!! Well, now that Rip and I are back from the Send 2015 Conference, (…insert Hallelujahrrr!!), we are still without words in response to everything we experienced!  We both wanted to grab a selfie of our time together because we KNOW that “there is no such thing as a…

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