Spring Cleaning … the Real Way to Clean!

Spring Cleaning

So, many of you know that Rip and I use Norwex products all throughout this house! From washing cars, to Rip’s fascination with the Norwex bath towels, to the kitchen cloths, detergent, EnviroCloth, Window polishing cloths, cleaning paste…and on and on I could go so this WON’T be a post just to peak your interest about Norwex…but if it is peaked…

Then I have to tell you about the sales happening RIGHT NOW on some of mine and Rip’s favvvvorite products that I would love for you to know about. And if you want to give them a go, there is a 100% money back guarantee, but I know you will be stuck on Norwex for 4+ years, too..Rip and I started using Norwex products 4 years ago and that is the only reason why I became a distributor. For the discounted pricing and to help my friends and family get to using these amazing products too.

When you get ready to order – here’s the link you will use –> the order link 

And here is the catalog so you can see ALL that Norwex provides — CLICK HERE

If after watching these videos and you know that you’d like to get started using these products AND you’d like to get in on discounted prices and make additional income…then here is how you can join me as a Norwex Distributor!! I’d love to have you on my team!

New Norwex Distributor! 

Here’s how it all got started for me 4 years ago –

I first want to share “why Norwex” – why the Norwex cloths are not anything, not anything like microfiber cloths you can get at Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Kroger. Watch this –

Here are the first ‘must haves’ in every home (at least that’s what I think!! haha)

EnviroCloth – kills 99.9% bacteria, removes even permanent marker)

Window Cloth – leaves all surfaces with a sparkling and clean finish.

Norwex Detergent – I run a 1/4 tsp of detergent through my coffee pot and it makes the pot as though I just took it out of the box. This detergent removes blood, wine, chocolate and grass stains. I only clean my cloths and all Norwex cleaning products in the Norwex detergent and it takes only 1 tsp (not Tbsp) just a tsp per full load.

Last but not least in any any way…is the Mop System! I do NOT use a broom and dust pan and I do not use a wet mop and I do not use dusting cloths…instead I use this mop system with all the attachments that Norwex provides to go with it. I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars (according to Rip who was a Kroger grocery manager for 28 years) in chemicals, mops, brooms, rags and all things I would need for cleaning floors and walls and blinds and ceiling fans.

  • If you want to know more, just call me at 601-951-3212 and I would LOVE to help you get started on Norwex! But here are the sales that will end this month! You always save when you buy in “Collections.”


Just Add Water Collection – regularly $300.89 – SALE PRICE $268.99  Dryer balls cut drying time in half. Dusting mitt is like using furniture polish and a cleaning cloth. Leaves furniture clean of bacteria AND polishes it up with a beautiful shine. Mop system, EnviroWand for cleaning high to reach places and blinds. Detergent (only use 1 tsp per load) and the EnviroCloth and Window Polishing cloth!

The EnviroCloth and Window Cloth together is on sale for $35.99 – regularly $38.98

Mop System is on sale for $130.99 – regularly $147.95



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