Soup and Promises

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Good morning friends! I don’t know what you’re waking up to this morning, but at the Rippy household we woke up to getting soup on for supper and some wonderful promises from God.

But it all got me to thinking…as much as we need food, we need the nourishment that comes from, not only reading God’s Word, but eating it. How do we eat it? By believing God’s Word by choosing to bank our life in it.

As I am typing right at this moment, I’m looking outside our dining room window and all I see is a bright orange sky that is growing brighter and brighter. The glow of the sun is such a deep coral and as it’s rising, that brilliant glowing light is spreading all through the trees that cover our property.  It’s all so breathtaking!

And as I watch all this, all I can think is….God is in full control of that ball of fire. He is the One making that sun to rise. He is behind it all. Where the beams of light travel through the branches of those hardwoods are all under His authority. Yes, even light must obey Him. He is so faithful to display His power and glory morning after morning simply through His magnificent nature.

But ladies, what I am just itching to tell you is this….THAT is the same faithfulness we “get to” experience as we believe and bank our life in His promises. His promises are authoritative because they have been given to us by the Authority Himself. His promises obey Him because He made them. In other words, what He promises can’t and won’t return to Him empty as we believe and claim them. His promises are faithful to display His power and glory in our life, but it’s as we choose to not only reflect on them but as we practically choose to reflect them. We can’t reflect anything we aren’t looking into.

I have the binoculars with me during my time alone with God in the mornings because so many times I will look out my window and see deer. One, two, three, four deer that come to our yard to enjoy sitting under a cypress tree or nibbling on our grass. And to look at them so closely is just awe-inspiring to me. I can see the colors in their coat, their unique markings and the way each of their faces are so different with personality. I pick up the binoculars, look through them, and then I see things that I could have never seen without them. That is what happens when we go to the Word of God and ask Psalm 119:18 of the Lord, “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your Word.”  When we pray Psalm 119:18, the Holy Spirit puts heavenly binoculars on our spiritual eyes and we begin to see things in Scripture that we can’t see without the Spirit’s enabling. And when we look that closely into the promises He has made us, we discover such magnificent details of His love, compassion, grace, power and mercy that …it’s all so breathtaking!  The result? We will reflect those details into the lives of others.

So, I hope this little video will encourage you…not only to make a good o’ crockpot full of soup, but to also begin your day with a fullness in your life that comes only as we trust in the promises He has given us. Oh, and one other thing…when you make the soup, you will need two bags of the hash browns for a big carton of half & half. If you use the smaller carton, then only 1 bag will do. I used only 1 bag in the video and it really needs 2 bags.

Have a great day y’all! Jesus loves you and so do I!

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  1. Sara Leach on February 25, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Love your sincerity!

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