Sometimes you just gotta go through it!

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Psalm 77:19-20 says, “Your way was through the sea, Your path through the great waters; yet Your footprints were unseen. You led Your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron”. 

As I read this Psalm all I could see was the word through. God didn’t lead them around something, He led them through it.

God does the same for us today. He leads us through the trials,  through the difficulties, through the physical or emotional pain,  and through the persecution. He is our Shepherd and He leads us through to the safe pasture promised on the other side.

What are you trying to get around today? Are you frustrated because “it” won’t get our of your way? Do you wonder where God is and why He won’t just make it stop or better yet just make it go away completely? Do you wonder why He let it happen in the first place? Do you blame yourself? Are you wondering if it is punishment?

Talking to a friend yesterday, the song “Jesus Loves Me” was playing in the background. They looked at me and said, “Jesus loves me this I know, why won’t He show me?” My heart broke. I know the situation they have been in and can totally understand why they “feel” that way. The key word here is “feel”. Instead of feelings, why don’t you go with what you “know”?

When you are trying to get around something, when you are wondering why Jesus won’t “show” you His love, take a minute and think about what He has shown you:

The smile on your child’s face

The dinner on your plate

The bed you get in at night

The people you call friends

The spouse who holds your hand

The Bible you hold in yours

And more than anything, The Cross.

Think about what has been done so that you can go through to the safe pasture. Think about looking more like Jesus when you get there.  If Jesus had to go through, then we must, too.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Philippians 4:13 says so.

Living Free and going through,


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