Some Things are Hard to Understand

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          “The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health.” Psalm 41:3

I came home from an appointment, expecting to see the flooring guys putting down my floors. There was at least one vehicle in my driveway; where there had been three.  I questioned; “Wonder where the guys are?”  As I walked into the hallway from my garage; I didn’t hear any saws or hammers pounding. There was no one in the house working.

I saw the guys’ lunch drinks still on the counter.  Thinking they were taking a break so soon after lunch; I was a little agitated.   As I walked around the other side of the island; there was blood everywhere and I mean everywhere!  It was pooled in the sink, on the floor, slung on the cabinets, the countertops and a pile of blood soaked napkins sitting beside the sink.

                      “Oh Jesus;” I cried out, “help this one who is seriously hurt.”

My former agitation had quickly turned to tears and compassion. I called my husband and said; the kitchen looks like a crime scene; however, I know someone is badly hurt.  I didn’t have anyone’s number so I couldn’t call to find out what had happened.  In about twenty minutes; two of the young men came back and told me the guy named Chris, had almost cut his arm off.  Jacob, the youngest of the crew had wrapped his own belt around the top part of Chris’ arm and Chris, the owner’s son, had wrapped his arm in a towel and driven him to the local hospital.

I had just met this young man on Thursday morning. I could sense Chris is strong and yet so kind.  If you are wondering why I’m sharing this story; I want you to pray for Chris Farmer.  Ask Jesus to heal him and not allow any infection.  Pray for the tendons and bones in his forearm to heal as quickly as possible.

Chris has worked with this family in the flooring business for twenty two years, without this type of incident.  Some things are really hard to understand.  His boss and co-workers all love him.


Lord, we lift up Chris Farmer.  You were there when he cut his arm.  Healer of our hearts and our bodies, please prohibit any infection and may every single joint, tendon and blood vessel heal properly. We entrust Chris, into Your healing hands.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

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