Simplify Your Life – Part 5 – Gathering Up the Fragments That Remain

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When it comes to planning out our use of time, scheduling those things that are important to us, we can grab our calendars and daytimer’s and just plug away.  And that is always a good thing! But what’s on my heart this morning is that there are going to be situations, circumstances and those unexpected times of our life when we just won’t be able to STICK to the schedule or plan and here’s why —- because of things that happen that are simply out of our control AND/OR because it’s not our responsibility as designed for our individual life.

But it’s those little fragments that remain, those small minutes in our day, that can be gathered up and used in ways that can have the biggest impact in our life and in other people’s life. I have a friend who will see she has just a 5 or so minutes between  commutes as she is running errands and will use those minutes to turn on her voice memo on her phone and make a recording of what she wants to do when she gets home at the end of the day. Or she will make a recording of people she wants to call, write notes too, or send emails to. She may use those minutes to record the mental list of groceries she is wanting to pick up at the store on her way home. In those few short minutes, she is maximizing her use of them.

Another friend said that as she planned TWO WEEKS out that a baby sitter would keep her children so she and her husband could go out on a date, 2 hours before she was to get there one of the children got a stomach virus. Of course, the date night was canceled, BUT the date night was simply moved to the following weekend. No biggy, just planned it again. But the good news in all this is….it didn’t get blocked out from every happening, it got blocked in on another day. And she and her husband, once again, had another week of looking forward to some quality time together.

In the photo with me is my dearest longtime friend, Sissy Morris, and if there is ever anyone who has demonstrated this one practice and that is … gathering up what small fragments of time she may have and putting them to maximum use, it is her!  With only 1 hour or with only 30 minutes, this woman can get so much done and it wasn’t necessarily “planned” either. It may not have been “scheduled”, but she seizes the clock to her advantage and gets things done…things that matter!

What we need to see is that every minute matters …. even when we can’t plan or organize or schedule those minutes to a use that we had hoped. Each and every minute STILL have eternity in it.

So, I hope this video will encourage all of us that as we may plan and try to exercise biblically instructed responsibility with our calendars, that we always season it with this truth — God will enable us in making the best use of our time as He designed for our OWN life.

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