Simplify Your Life – Part 1 – Redeem the Time

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Happy First Day of Spring!! It’s March 20, and today marks a HUGE day among the Interior Inspirations team. We are going to be taking the next span of posts to inspire all of us in:

Simplifying, Organizing and Beautifying our Lives!

I will be sharing with you 2 videos a day – The 1st video will be 15 minutes or less in length, but it will help us have a biblical framework in why we do what we do, and how to go about it efficiently and effectively. If you notice the featured image for this post, I intentionally made it kid friendly because one thing kids DO enjoy is “helping mommy.”  Children just have it in them to want your approval. They also LOVE learning new things.  And let’s face it … as moms we’re either tired or feeling so overwhelmed a good bit of the time that when it comes to home chores, all the hands on deck we can get is so helpful. Moms who want to go at it on their own, tend to get even more frustrated and feeling totally overloaded. But even if the children do not do the job “perfectly” it’s ok. Because in the end, it’s the lessons taught and the experiences that mean the most. The 2nd video of the day will be showing “how to” apply it…how to do certain tasks around the house to get the work done and be so satisfied with the end results. So for this series, you will want fresh writing paper in your Home Binders, a few pencils, index cards, and plenty of trash bags. (smile)

In all our posts, there is going to be so much more to inspire us all … like delicious recipes, how to cook, how to bake, how to can fruits, make jellies and jams, and a whole lotta’ fun and very doable homemaking tips!

Here are some of the verses that inspired my heart to embrace “work” as the noble and wonderful practice of my life….(click on the image to enlarge it.)

II - Warning Against Irresponsible Behavior

So get ready ladies…Spring has sprung and it’s time to get busy about our homes!! Oh, and of course…please visit and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Also, if you have a prayer need, we want to know about it through our new prayer wall. We will pray for you, encourage you, and you will be notified every time your prayer need has been prayed for.

You are beautiful!


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