Simple Decorating Ideas for Color

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It caught my eye! I was driving home enjoying the sunshine pouring into my car and happened to glance over and noticed a flower bed full of beautiful hot pink flowers with lush green leaves.


So, I pulled over and took a picture because …

I love color!

Among the trends of whites, neutrals and all shades grays, there is just something about splashes of color!  But when it comes to decorating in our homes, Bohemian style of decorating as you see in the photo below can be soft with color –

How do we do it?

How do we add color into our decorating that is tasteful and pleasant?

Here are a few simple decorating ideas in how to add color:

White walls, neutral upholstery on furniture, and wood floors make for a great blank canvas to add pops of color. If you have a white, neutral, or any shades of brown, tan, or gray in your upholstered pieces, look outside! What colors do you see? … take the colors of God’s gorgeous outdoors and bring them inside in your home … blending soft shades of nature.

Stained woods, soft tobacco leather, look amazing with shades of blue. Mixing blues and patterns and texture is how you bring warmth into a room.

Mixing blues with dark browns give a space contrast that is so subtle, but it works.

Find a sweet little soft blue vase or container, put some of your favorite flowers in it, and viola! A simple piece of deco’r that touches its surroundings with beauty. Keep it simple

Think outside the box. What is trending may not be what would reflect your heart for home. So, don’t be afraid to grab like pieces or unlike pieces and play! Have fun!!


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