She Had No Idea!

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Rip and I drove up to the Harvey’s restaurant in Tupelo, parked the car and went inside to get a booth … grinn’n like an opossum!  I texted her just as soon as we sat down to let her know we had made it and to call when she got there. It wasn’t but 5 minutes later, she called. Rip went outside to help her with her things, and I sat there in that booth waiting to see her precious face … just about to BURST!! I had not seen her since the first of July and I couldn’t WAIT to hug her…smell her…hold her as tightly as a mother can!

“Samanthaaaaa!”, I said while I hopped to my feet to embrace that young’n! And she did the same!!!

She moved to CO in July so on December 22 while standing in the aisle of a crowded restaurant, we did what mother / daughters do – we embraced with everything we had in us.

But we did finally sit down, ordered a little lunch and I …. I was mesmerized! She looked absolutely stunning – so healthy and glowing. And there was this sweet calm peace about her that made her just so radiant.  She had been going through some tough times recently. Had faced some very heartbreaking circumstances, and so I thought during her visit with us, she really was going to need a good bit of motherly nurturing and “building back up.” But what I saw sitting at the table with us was a young lady who was simply taking one day at a time with honest transparency and honest dependency. She wasn’t as “frail” as I thought she may be. And I knew why. When a mother is miles away from her child, when a mother is 17 hours drive time away from her baby, then a mother does (on her knees) what a mother does. She prays! She prays … prays more … solicits prayer … solicits more prayer … and she loves from the ground up! So what I saw sitting there was “all to the glory of God” – I saw answered prayers.

So, while she was here for 5 nights and 6 days, we did it ALL. We shopped, laughed, cried and talked every single day … for hours. My son, Trace, (her hilarious brother) came for a couple of days from TN and there was never a dull moment!

She even got me in on so many of her snap chats just to have fun with friends!! But this one of her and her brother is a favorite!!

We worked out at the gym together (which, because of her, it is now the habit of my morning routine into each new day.) We would both get up early enough for coffee and visits with no one else up yet, then head to Starke Fitness for her to wear me plum out! We had so much fun during the day, (still talking and talking about every possible thing), then we’d stay up late into the night talking and talking and talking some more. You name it, we discussed it.

But what meant so much to me while she was here were things she probably has no idea just how it all touched my motherly heart.

She had no idea that …

When I would hear her bedroom door open so early in the morning to come into the keeping room so we could have coffee together, that it was a sound that I absolutely loved! Hearing her open her door to come into a new day with me,…well, I miss that sound.

She had no idea that …

When she would talk so deep about things, I’d watch her take her hair in her finger tips and run her fingers up and down the strands. She has done this for years…..helps her think, I think. Loved seeing her talk!!

She had no idea that …

When she would laugh, I was cherishing every giggle!

She had no idea that …

When she would confide in me, I loved the sound of trust that coated her every word.

She had no idea that …

When she sat on her bed and would look me in the eyes as she wanted to make sure I really heard what she was saying to me, I was enjoying her expressions, too, that seemed to say, “Mom, I want you to know this, …”.

She had no idea that …

When she would go to my closet to get things to wear — OH! BE STILL MY HEART!!! that I was loving how she actually wanted to wear something this 49 year old mother had in her closet! When she was little, she would at times dress up in my heels or clothes, but this was her showing some approval on my styles! ((( score!! )))

She had no idea that …

When she would sit on the edge of the tub and talk to me while I finished getting ready, I was savoring the sight! I still go in my bathroom at the end of the day and WISH she were sitting right there.

She had no idea that …

When she would say, “Mom, let’s take a pic or let’s snap chat”….I loved being a part of her world!

She had no idea that …

When she would say, “Good night mom. I love you.” that I loved loved loved the sound of every syllable!

She had no idea that …

When she would sit on the sofa with me and we’d curl up with hot cocoa at the end of the day and talk some more, I was loving being able to be face to face with her. Not through FaceTime or Marco Polo…but I had my baby right here with me that I could take her aaaaaallllllll in!

She had no idea the power of her presence. She had no idea the joy she brought me in boarding that plane on December 22nd and coming home. She had no idea that her just being here was having such a powerful impact on my life!

I literally have not been the same since my daughter was here.

Her words to me were words that I know God wanted me to hear. The things she shared with me gave me such a new understanding and perspective on so many things. Things I didn’t know, but now do. She inspired me in ways that He alone knew I needed such prodding and inspiration!

Let me just say this as sweetly as I can to all you young moms with babies in the nest — the day will come when your home will be silent of it all. And yes, you will be readied for the empty nest seasons of life. God prepares us for each new season He allows us to experience. His grace IS sufficient. And yes, children grow up. They leave the home. They need to. When it’s their time, it’s time to not just be a legal adult, but to be grown up. And we all go through that same season. But when the silence comes, you do notice.

But for now…savor the sounds of home, will you? Soak up all the sights of your active home life. Enjoy all the fragrances of their growth into becoming who God wants them to be. And as a mother, the best advice I can give you is this –

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

And just to you moms who have young daughters at home …..

One day you, too, will have such sweet times with your own adult daughter and when she leaves (and she will), you will be able to say the same thing I have said over and over again as I reflect back ….

She had no idea!

As I watched her leave, I saw a young lady that I can’t possibly be any prouder of!! A young lady that every part of my mama-self wanted to run after her and beg her to stay! But I knew … I knew she needed to go back to her home in CO. And as I turned to walk back to the airport parking lot, I felt my husband’s arms pulling me close to his side so I could do what he knew was coming.


Thank you Lord, for my children. Thank you for this amazing time with them. Thank you for allowing me to be a mother and I can’t be any more thankful for these amazing creations you have given me, to be able to give back to you. I love you, Lord! Thank you for this honor of being a mother. My heart is full!

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  1. Paula Hatcher on January 4, 2018 at 12:45 am

    That was precious. My daughter has been home since Dec 24 and she is about to fly home to Texas tomorrow and I’m dreading it, but I know we have to let them be grown ups and live their own lives but boy it’s hard. I miss her so much. She is a Godly young woman, strong and independent, which is what we raise them to be. Thanking you for sharing your visit with your daughter. It blessed me:)

    • Lisa Rippy on January 4, 2018 at 11:31 am

      Will pray for you both!

  2. Gina Pearson on January 5, 2018 at 2:06 am

    My daughter was home during Christmas too! I can relate to every “she had no idea!” I soaked up every moment she was in my presence because she divided up her time with our family and her in-laws’ family. I am so proud of the young woman she has become and the beautiful marriage she shares with her husband. You know my Holly girl and y’all go to church together!! I can’t wait to see her again soon. Happy New Year, Lisa.

    • Lisa Rippy on January 5, 2018 at 1:32 pm

      Holly is your baby girl? She is precious and I know you are so grateful for the young lady she has become! Mama to mama, if there is anything you ever need me to do for her, you let me know! Happy new year to you, too, and hope to meet you one day soon!

  3. Sheila on January 6, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Beautifully written I could feel every word. Although God gifted me with two amazing sons the feelings of having them close are just the same. Your heart is so full and you watch every move they make and you stand in awe knowing in your mind that this is your child but they are completely grown, grown men who’s hugs just completely encircle you and fill your heart slap full!!!
    Your words ring so true about the prayers we send up for our children how when you see them you know God has covered them, I suppose our prayers as a parent will always be but what a gift it has been!

    • Lisa Rippy on January 10, 2018 at 12:41 am

      Sheila!!! Yes, that is EXACTLY how I feel when Trace (now 23 yrs old) hugs me!! I do NOT want him to let go!!

  4. Angie Blackmon on January 9, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    Lisa , I loved reading this . And you are so right . I loved being a Mom & being there & doing for my children when they were growing up , they were my world . And when it was time for each one of them to leave the nest & go into their marriage with their spouse , I knew that my life would change . Even though God has Blessed my husband & I with 9 Grandchildren, I still miss the sounds of my own children at home . I miss the daily life of getting them up for school, cooking big meals that they would enjoy , even down to the stain on a piece of clothing that I would work on to get out . I miss them being here & I miss the sound of the house being full of noises . I miss everything about them & I would do it all over again. I tell my children now that one day they are going to look back and wonder where the time went with their own children, because they will go through the same things that I have gone through by missing them being here . It’s the little things that mean a lot & that handprint on the wall or that crayon mark they will even think about , don’t spend all your time in life trying to make everything perfect , enjoy them while you can . Because one day they to will go through the empty nest syndrome. But I Thank God for giving me the Blessings of being able to be a Mother to them & being able to see them grow up to become adults & having children of their own . Thanks so much for this blog

    • Lisa Rippy on January 10, 2018 at 12:40 am

      Oh Shae, you do totally understand. It is all those little things that now looking back are such big and wonderful things! Thank you for your comment…I’ve read it over and over because it just resonates with me so much! Thank you!!

  5. Elisabeth on January 22, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    My son is graduating from high school in four short months and your writing so resonates with me. We raise them to be strong and independent, but my momma heart is mourning the empty days to come as he spreads his wings. Praying that the Lord will give me wisdom for this new season of motherhood. Thank you for your beautiful words. xoxo

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