Set a Timer and Get Even More Done!

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Do you have only 30 minutes to give your home or just a space of your home your undivided attention? It may sound like a huge chunk of time, but if you break it down into two 15-minute increments then it’s not quite as overwhelming. Literally, grab a little timer from the dollar store, Walmart or your local grocery store. Use that little darlin’ in setting your time for only 15 minutes or for a straight 30-minute trek to totally target a drawer, a closet, a room, your refrigerator, … anything in your home that needs some “homemaking” attention.

Why a timer? It’s for this reason … there is something about knowing there is this specific portion of our day that is intentionally purposed for productivity. And the fun part of it is obvious … you get to race with the timer! See just how much you can get done in those MOST sacred seconds.


These are a few photos of things I got accomplished in only 15 or 30 minutes of setting my timer and gettin’ after it!

In only 15 minutes, our former pantry went from this …


To this …


From this …


To this …


In only 30 minutes, my client’s art studio went from this …

II Art room BEFORE

To this …

II Art room AFTER

If all you have is only a few minutes of time, there is so much you can do in making the rooms and spaces of Home more simplified, orderly and beautiful. King David said, “My times are in your hands,” Psalm 31:15. And that is so applicable to this one discipline of homemaking. Every moment, every minute of time is sacred because there is not one second of our day that God does not have planned (and purposed) with His will marking the path. When we are doing anything in the ways of making home, those “doings” are sacred because it all takes TIME. Time that is in our Father’s hands.

So here’s my challenge to you. At least 3 times this week, use a timer. Starting today, and finish out this week using a timer (for 15 or 30 minute increments) for at least 2 more times. (Go for more if you are one of “those girls” whose motto is – “Go big or go home!” haha!)  But at the end of this week, come Saturday night, if you have raced with a timer for a minimum of 3 times in getting things done in your home, I can guarantee that you will look back and see some serious productivity!

Have fun and HAPPY HOME-Living!!


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