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Yesterday, the Rippy’s had an anniversary! A “Home-niversary”! We celebrated being in our home for 1 year, and what a fun year it’s been in remodeling it!

We love remodeling and renovating homes, so we thought we’d make this little slideshow to share all we did in our first home, and what we’ve currently completed in our new home. We still have more to go in our home, and the spring and summer are our months to gett’r done, but for now….I hope you enjoy and are inspired by the love and elbow grease we’ve shared together in making “Home Sweet Home”!

If you would like some helpful ideas, tips, suggestions, a ‘master plan’ or even some hands-on help in getting your own home and/or home life rejuvenated, simply go to our website, click on “Consulting“. There is a simple form there for you to fill out and I will be right back in touch to see how we can help you create the home and the home life you dream of!!

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