Rip and Lisa Covering a Front Porch with Brick Pavers

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One thing about our work is how versatile our jobs are from house to house. One day, we’re taking out an entire master bathroom, or we’re completely transforming an entire kitchen, or we’re working off a homeowner’s “handyman” punch list. From building, painting, shopping, landscaping, home repairing & renovating, installing, designing, remodeling, decorating … it all gets done to our client’s expectations.

Like this brick covered porch. Our client needed new hardwood flooring, new kitchen countertops, newly painted cabinets, and some of Lisa’s help in decorating before her son’s wedding at their home. As we worked, she also mentioned having their front porch covered in brick pavers.

  1. We first went to Old South Brick and selected the pavers we needed with plenty of mortar and sand. After I mixed it up with water in a large bucket (1/3 bag of sand to 1 full bag of concrete), I made the consistency like a bowl of grits. Spongey, but pourable.
  2. Lisa placed the bricks in the pattern she wanted and would spread 1/3 of the trowel deep in concrete mixture onto the porch. Placing the bricks a finger width apart.
  3. I kept the pavers cut with my wet saw so she had plenty of pavers for the along the perimeter of the porch where a full paver would not fit. Because it had a 1 inch drop from the porch to the sidewalk, using the mortar, I made an angled ramp making for a more smooth transition.
  4. After all the pavers were placed, we covered the grouts and pavers with mortar, leaving some in places and then dry sweeping it across the top. This created a hazy look and a less “perfect” grout line. The client wanted it to be similar to the brick on her house.
  5. After it set all night, we came back the next dat and wiped off (with water) more mortar in different places on the brick. It was dry in no time and ready for all pots and bench back on the porch.

You want a brick paver porch or patio? Shoot me and Lisa an email at lisa@

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