Recipes From the Rippy’s

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If there is one thing I love to do is cook and even though my time is sometimes limiting me from spending a couple of hours in the kitchen, I still want a good home-cooked meal most of the time. Rip and I will be sharing through video and with printables recipes from our kitchen that you can add to a 3-ring binder and try with your family and friends.

Some of our favorites are:

Rip’s Chili  –  Download Rips Chili Recipe

Roasted Chicken with Kale Salad and Wild Rice – Download Roasted Chicken Recipe  Download Kale Salad Recipe

Chicken soup – packed full of veggies and protein –  Download Chicken Soup Dinner Recipe

Penne Pasta with Italian Sausage – This is absolutely delicious! – Download Kickin Penne Recipe

Chicken Spaghetti – (a man’s favorite!) –  Download Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

And more….


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