Receiving Constructive Criticism

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                                                 “Faithful are the wounds of a friend…” Proverbs 27:6



Someone has said, “It takes ten good statements to overcome one bad one.”  It feels as if you’ve been slapped when you hear someone say something harsh about you.  It seems your character has been assassinated.  Maybe the accusation was true or maybe it was a lie. Lies are the most hurtful but even when the truth is spread, in a “gossipy” kind of way, it hurts the one who is being criticized.

There is a tape recorder in our brain. We have the choice to either turn off the hurtful recordings or hit the replay button.  Here’s the thing.  If it was truth, we must take time to examine our hearts and allow God the time to speak to the issue, before we respond.

We all need constructive criticism from time to time.  It is critical for the deliverer of the message; to be prayerful about her delivery method and timing.

Sometimes it’s easier to receive criticism from a close friend, or family member.  A real friend has your best interest at heart.  Please take the time to look at different versions of Proverbs 27:6. The NASB calls a friend faithful, who is willing to risk the friendship, to speak the truth you need to hear.  Although stinging at the moment it’s for your good and God’s glory.  Before you respond in anger; take a moment to search your heart.  Be mindful that you are but flesh; however, take some time to ponder the words spoken.

If you are the one having to deliver the constructive criticism, talk to the Lord Jesus about your method and your timing. I hate confrontation.  It is never pleasant, but guided by the Holy Spirit, it can be a blessing to the giver and the receiver.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord please help me to be able to receive constructive criticism and if necessary, to be able to give it out. I want to always be guided by Your precious Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name. Amen

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