Real Friends

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“Better is open rebuke than love that is concealed.”  Proverbs 27:5

I love friends who are real.  They share their lives up front.  No pretending.  No facade.  They speak truth; in love, but they do speak the truth.  There is no guessing about where they are coming from.  It may be painful for the hearer but the message spoken comes across, loud and clear.

We love having our egos stroked.  It feels good and builds our own self esteem, which is honestly needful at times. However, character building comes from hearing truth, and allowing it to soak into the marrow of our bones.  If we can receive the intended message and allow it to do it’s work in our heart; we will grow and mature in our faith walk.

The rebuke of a real friend is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes we need to be admonished for our own good; as well as for the good of the body of Christ.  If one part suffers, it affects the whole body of believers.  We are to work together; to bring unity, instead of discord and strife.

Before we respond in anger to a rebuke, we should pray and ask God to confirm or discredit the words we have heard.  If truth was spoken; may we ask forgiveness from God and from any person we may have offended.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh Lord, teach us to receive admonishment when it comes. May we count it a blessing; that a friend would love us enough; to risk hurting us, to make us whole.  In Jesus Name. Amen

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