RC Sproul and John Piper

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“At one level, all Christians are the same. We are made in the image of God, saved by the grace of God, and live for the glory of God. We are blood-bought brothers and sisters, members of the same family, children of our heavenly Father.

On another level, we are each unique. The apostle Paul said that the body of Christ is like, well, a body: many parts, each with different shapes and sizes, each indispensable in characteristic and function.

The differences between R. C. Sproul and John Piper are easily discerned, even for the casual observer. I’m tempted to enumerate some of them, but it will be more fruitful to focus on the common threads that tie together their remarkable ministries.” – Ligonier Ministries

There is nothing like taking a Bible into your hands, opening it to holy scriptures, studying with the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit, and having a called theologian passionately teach and provide deep exhortations to a thirsting soul that longs to know God. Know the holiness of God. Desires God! Two of those theologians for several years has been RC Sproul, Founder of Ligonier Ministries, and John Piper, Founder of Desiring God Ministries.

Listen to a one minute excerpt of RC’s teaching on Love.


Listen to a four minute excerpt of John’s teaching on happiness.


This one article from Ligonier Ministries is excellent as it shares insights into why so many are drawn to the sermons and lessons and lives of these two men – RC Sproul and John Piper.

RC is now resting in Christ, departed this world in 2017, but every day we can enjoy and glean so much from his messages and lessons through the Ligonier YouTube channel and the Ligonier Website.  You can also find John teaching on the Desiring God YouTube channel and the Desiring God Website.


May the Lord bless you and bestow His favor upon you,



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