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Meet another one of our new Inspirers, Rhonda Sites-Love. She will end our series on Trials, so you don’t want to miss a day of what Rhonda has to teach us!

Rhonda Sites-Love is a passionate, energetic, motivational speaker; also described as a fearless leader among women of all ages. Her message is relevant to her audience. She has been married (29 years) to her best friend Darryl. He is the Senior Pastor at Crossover Community Church where the tow of them have ministered together for 24 years. Rhonda and Darryl have two adult children, a daughter in love and a golden-doodle “Mollie”. Rhonda says life experience is her greatest teacher and her  Bible training came through several years of leading Precept Inductive Studies and the teachings of Beth Moore. Mentoring and leading women to be intentional about living Christ centered lives is also priority for Rhonda.  She loves to  empower and inspire women through the Word.


Trials! The word alone could induce a full on panic attack and hyperventilation, unless we understand the purpose of trials: Preparation for lifelong Spiritual maturity.

Over the next two weeks  we’ll take an in-depth entertaining,  honest look at trials through the lens of the woman married to the Rev…

Trials are defined as “the testing of one’s endurance.” From personal experience I’d describe trials as the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The “thing” that pushes angry buttons and drives us face first into a shelter of blankies. Trials hurt but we’re resilient. We can get back up, put on our game face, smile through the pain all the while singing “I will survive.” Survival is necessary but God meant for us to thrive in our calling. It is possible!

To flourish in ministry requires specific action: Drink lots of coffee! But really, coffee up.

In order for us to proceed through trials we must choose to be unwavering, unshakable and unyielding.

  1. Celebrate the trial! What? Rejoicing lifts the heavy load and reminds us of Who’s in charge here.
  2. Pray! No, I mean pray with intensity coupled with the ugly cry if necessary. At this point I highly recommend a personal retreat. Including but not limited to hiding out in a friend’s guest house for a night, a trip to a cabin in Boone NC (hit me up for details) or a motel. Whatever you do, get before God for an uninterrupted gut level honest heart-to-heart. He is listening!
  3. Be thankful! This gets a little sketchy – thankful means to be appreciative and show gratitude. For going through hell? (key word “through”). Imagine the look on the face of the firing squad as we maneuver adversity with thanksgiving! In all sincerity, let’s be grateful that we are becoming more like Jesus Christ.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 NIV

Being a disciple of Christ doesn’t exempt us from trials, if anything it prepares us for future trials, testing and maturity. The testing of our endurance is concerning perseverance in our relationship with God, with others and in our calling.


Rhonda Love




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