Pregnant with Un-forgiveness

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“And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”  Matthew 6:12

When a woman comes to the end of her pregnancy, she is ready to deliver.  Everything within her cries out, get this baby out of me. Nine months feels like nine years.  Her tummy is stretched beyond what she ever thought possible.  There is no truly comfortable position with that baby growing inside of her.

Like wise, when you carry around a tummy full of un-forgiveness; your belly hurts.  You experience indigestion.  Your heart feels weighted down and you struggle to move forward in any direction.  The un-forgiveness rules your life.  It steals your sleep as well as your ability to make rational decisions.  You cannot think about anything else.  It’s like being constipated. You are miserable!  This un-forgiveness won’t let you go!

Here’s the thing.  No matter how miserable a pregnant mom becomes at the end of her pregnancy; one way or another, she’s got to deliver this baby.  To hold it in would bring serious harm to the mom and the baby.  It’s the same with un-forgiveness.  You must release it, away from you.  You must ask the Father to forgive you of your sins.  If the person is still living, you must ask him or her to forgive you.  Holding onto un-forgiveness, holds the same consequences, as for the person who sinned against you.

The Lord wants to fill you with forgiveness.  You will receive the comfort of the Lord and forgiveness can be birthed in you; rather than the pregnancy of un-forgiveness.

Prayer in Motion:

Thank You Lord for Your amazing forgiveness!  May I release every un-forgiveness ASAP.  May forgiveness be birthed in my soul.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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