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So here we are in the final chapter of Philippians and I have been so excited about getting here with you because of the sheer content of Paul’s final words to his beloved Philippians. But before we go much further, I want to give you just a couple of helpful suggestions in how to work through this bible study.

First of all, if you print the pages of this study consider purchasing a small 3 ring binder, punch some holes along the side and place it in the binder. Here’s why … as I wrote this little study, I prayed that for me and you, this will be just the beginning to our leaning in closer to the Lord in His Word together. The very thought of working through more bible studies together makes my heart so happy! I know this is probably an unusual place to start a collection of bible studies, (the last chapter of Philippians), but it’s because of what Paul had to say in his final thoughts that actually lays a solid foundation for us in moving forward in our own life of faith in Christ Jesus.

Second, please do not feel in any way the need to hurry through these pages. Take all the time you want to read, ponder, and read some more. Instead of focusing on ‘getting through it’ and completing all the written assignments, focus more on what you sense the Lord is revealing to you about Himself or about yourself. Really enjoy being with God in His Word and talk with Him about what you read and what comes to your mind as you slow down and give unrushed thought to each pause in Scripture the Spirit brings you to and to the study portions. There is so much for us in personal bible study and it’s my prayer that you will experience the love and abounding grace and peace of God as you simply open your Bible to be with Him.

Begin by taking a moment to pray with the Lord.  Be sure to be in a quiet place.

Then, click here for the study  –  I have actually revised the study since I posted it at noon today because there was just a few things I wanted to add and reword in hopes of making things even clearer —

Here is the STUDY —>   Philippians 4 Bible Study

After you have completed the Bible study, come back to this page and I would love for you to listen and watch John Piper explain some of the key verses in Philippians 4. He teaches this life principle so well, that I skipped out of making my own teaching video!!

I Love you!



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