One Small Adjustment

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It was while Rip was laying down on his back, on top of a physical therapist’s table that an “Ah-ha” moment happened. It was when Bill Thomas, (friend and therapist), was pulling Rip’s severely bowed legs straight forward toward him when he said, “One have one leg that is shorter than the other. Enough that you would benefit from wearing an insert in your shoe. With the insert, there will be significant improvement in how you feel and walk.”

Bill explained even more in how one small insert would help him experience such benefits to his body and his walk.

Just one small adjustment and his walk would be significantly impacted.

As I watched Bill slide an insert into my Rip’s boot, Rip then slide his foot into his boot and then…he walked up and down the room, well, I fought back the tears when I heard him say, “Aw yea. I feel that. That makes a big difference.”

Watching him walk up and down the carpeted area, seeing an obvious change in his stride, it all made my mind instantly go to something I knew the Lord had been speaking to me about …. and it’s this. Just one small adjustment in how I “think” would significantly impact my walk with Him, too.

In this 28 minute video, I hope to inspire you in the same way His Word has inspired me, but if you would like to follow along with the PDF I created for this video, then click below:

One Small Adjustment

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