Now Is Different!

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So, before posting tomorrow’s next video in our series, (Habit #5 – Preparing), I just felt I needed to write this blog. I can’t even leave to go to work without taking a really quick minute or two to share what the Lord is putting in my heart right now …

You know how when God is working His ministry through you, the devil, Christ’s enemy and ours, always shows up? You can bet on it when God’s glory is at work! When God’s name and renown is being magnified. When lives are being turned TO Christ and Christ alone. When lives are repenting, and seeking His face. When homes are being made stronger. Lives are being built up. When women are beginning to love the way Scripture sings it’s loveliness through the fabrics of their homemaking! When the love for home is being made fresh and new. When people are getting even more excited about opening God’s Word for personal application. When couples are beginning to see hope in their marriage like they have never seen before. Then, THAT is the very time, the very moment, Satan is going to show up! He is going to come onto the scene of your life with a strategy so customized by his own deviousness that you will literally feel as though you have been hit … punched … out of nowhere! And I’m here to tell you, his strategy is not to hurt you. Hurting isn’t enough. No, that is not the bulls eye he has on you. He aims his weapons at the target on your chest that is to totally shut you down! And shut you up! To attack you at the very place that he knows will come near to taking the very wind out of your lungs. To cause you to call it quits!

Satan has plans against me … but God has plans of His own! Plans that will bring about much good. Using those same plans to show off His prosperity in our lives. “Don’t be afraid. .. Don’t you see, you planned evil against me but God used those same plans for my good, as you see all around you right now—life for many people.” Genesis 50:20-21

When I started this new series, he showed up. And in the past few days, he has not been the slightest bit subtle in his attacks. As many of us have learned in the Priscilla Shirer Bible study, he devises a very strategic plan against us.  He knows EXACTLY what and who to use in our life to cripple our work, weaken our witness, and ultimately prevent us from carrying out the Father’s business. He knows the very things that will hurt us the most and will paralyze us in walking out in mission-strides. He knows what circumstances and even who to use in carrying out his deliberate termination of our activities for God’s Kingdom. Satan is a planner and a persecutor. He is an organizer and an oppressor. He is a ruler and a racist – hating the Christian race!  And he is a diehard, dogmatic, browbeating, bulldozing, bullying, tormenting, antagonizing, annoyer — but only when I choose to not believe,


If I choose to believe 1 John 4:4, then I have already overcome him, so now I am to live like it!

The enemy of my Lord and of my life is attacking. He is attacking in ways that he has used before. Countless times actually. Why? Because HE IS THE MASTERMIND of his own strategy! He knows areas of weakness that can be the springboard for ALL his schemes. He knows exactly what he is doing because in the past, it worked…to a point…in my life. It caused me to slip away in silence. It caused me to shut down ministry. It caused me to pull away from people. It caused me to anger, resent, and live always fearful. It caused me to see my worth through someone’s acceptance, and if that acceptance wasn’t there, my feelings of worth went down.

But now …. Now is different!

Now, I am empowered by the Word of God through every. single. lesson. I learned through the Priscilla Shirer “Armor of God Bible Study.” So much of what she taught I already knew because of some previous in-depth studies on the armor of God by Miss Nan Thompson … but it’s the WAY she delivered the truths of His armor, our battle attire, that God used to open my eyes to see the application, the much needed application, in my own personal life.

Now is different because I SEE truth! My prayer warrior friends SEE truth!

Now is different because I know HOW to fight! I do not fight this battle of attack with earthly weapons like – debating, defending, or despairing to the point of hunkering down under accusations and judgement. “Cowarding off” is no longer one of my options! Heavens no! I do not fight this battle of attack with earthly weapons like “my own reasoning” – “my own fleshly desires” or “my own personal preferences.” No, I fight this battle against Satan with ONLY one thing – the EVER SO SHARP AND DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD OF THE WORD OF GOD THROUGH PRAYER!

Now is different because …

I will fervently PRAY His Word that He gives me to claim each morning.

I will SPEAK His Word that He brings to me to believe each day.

I will STAND on His word with my own choices and actions.

I will WALK OUT HIS WORD in my life of obedience.

I will WEAR the Helmet of Salvation over every thought, making it obedient to Christ; choosing to think according to His will, His nature and His promises and truth.

I will SHOD my feet in peace so that I do not walk in any way that will deter my living out His will, but will determine every step to His glory!

I will BELT my life in truth so that my core is held up in His righteousness.

I will GUARD my heart with His breastplate so that I do not react to the devils attacks, but I respond, out of my mouth, from a heart that has HIS WORD engraved in it! “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of,” Luke 6:45. 

Because the Lord is my SHIELD, I will place all my trust in Him!

And after I have done all this, I will STAND! I will! I will not be moved, knocked down, shuved aside, struck down, elbowed-back, drug about, or debilitated by a bully. I WILL STAND! Immovable on the very WORD OF GOD!

“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed,” 2 Corinthians 4:7-9

It was early this morning, that I sat at my window having my quiet time. Before I left my chair, I pulled up our Youtube channel and found this comment: (It is not a coincidence that the Holy Spirit prompted her to write what she did NOW! You see, NOW is different and HE knew I needed to read this NOW.)

Lisa, I’ve found your channel and started watching your videos a few months ago and it’s about time I left you a comment! I appreciate what you’re doing SO MUCH. I’m a first time mom, my son is about one now. I’ve been staying home with him the past year. Even while I was pregnant with him i was only working part time, an agreement my husband and I made since i had just come out of a very stressful job prior to finding out i was pregnant. That was when my journey into becoming a “homemaker” began. My dad was a stay at home dad and my mom worked. I also had another girlfriend who was staying home as a homemaker but didn’t have any children yet. They were the first people I talked to about what homemaking meant to them. It really opened my eyes to how important it is! My dad especially. He said all the same things that my girlfriend said which really showed me how it is a matter of the heart. His goal everyday was to make home a peaceful place and from my memories he certainly accomplished that. He wanted my mom to be able to come home and relax, not worry about laundry or dinner etc. He also accomplished that goal. I have NEVER been organized or tidy or on time! Even my heart has been a little untidy I would say over the years stemming from giving generously and then being taken advantage of emotionally. HOWEVER! Over the past 2 years I’ve been on this journey and practicing what it takes to take care of a home. YOUR videos…. which they are more than just videos they are lessons- have just helped make so much sense of homemaking for me- That it’s more than cleaning and shopping and organizing! IT’S ABOUT THE HEART!! It showed me that my heart has GOT to be tidy for me to care about my house being tidy. I’ve been so blown away by your perspective, so encouraged by your teachings! I was going through a difficult time a few months ago when I found your channel and I literally listened to video after video all day long as I went from chore to chore. It motivated me to keep going. It kept me believing that what I did mattered. It gave me hope for the future of my home- for the family and friends in it. That through my caring about what I’m doing it could communicate the love of God to them. It has totally changed me. I watched “Homemaking Done Right” and I’m so thankful for and thrilled about this new series “7 Habits of a Happy Home”! I just think it’s so valuable. I really believe only God could have inspired such wonderful teachings and so I thank you for being obedient to him and listening to his voice. …… LONG COMMENT… haha…. in a nutshell ” I LOVE YOUR LESSONS AND THANK YOU! “

Another woman inspired! And that is the mission and the vision of Interior Inspirations and for that reason — I STAND!

Are you in a battle? Then, this is for you too!

Let NOW be different!


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  1. Angie Sharp on June 14, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    WOW! AWESOME! God ALWAYS knows what we need just when we need it!

    And, I’m loving your blog and your videos too. I so look forward to the devos each morning. I am a long time devotion doer, but I’ll be honest, I was needing something fresh. Something that hit home with me. Each morning I am gleaning from the devos that are posted. So refreshing! Again, God always knows what we need just when we need it… 🙂

  2. Jennifer McSweeney on June 14, 2016 at 11:47 pm

    Hallelujah! Yes we will fight! We are overcomers! The head and not the tail, above only and not beneath!

    • Lisa Rippy on June 15, 2016 at 11:30 pm

      Amen!!! Thank you Jennifer and so blessed by you!

  3. Aleks on June 18, 2016 at 2:38 am

    Amen! Lisa that comment that was left on your youtube channel is exactly the words I feel I want to say to you! I was in a high powered (killer stressful) job when I slipped one day on my way to work. I destroyed my ankle, literally every type of breakage, split and dislocation possible happened in a single slip! I have had several surgeries and had to learn how to walk again, and today, one year since my fall I still have not returned to work and am still battling with pain. I found your website and videos about a month or two ago and was instantly entranced. Entranced by your conviction and ability to translate scripture to action. Your writing and videos have literally helped me funnel my pain into action around the home. I have now come to realise that the Lord wanted me to be at home! I really love learning from you and applying the learnings everyday. I have no children yet as my medications are in the highest risk category for defects and miscarriages. I can’t wait to get off these medications, have children and truly fulfil what I have learnt from you! Please never let the enemy take you down, he has continually tried taking my down through my journey of recovery but I will fight! Praise the Lord for all women who support and encourage others! Love you and you work very much! xo Aleks from Aus 😀

    • Lisa Rippy on June 22, 2016 at 1:35 pm

      I am praising the Lord with you Aleks!! I am so sorry to hear of your pain, but my goodness…how HE is showing Himself to you and how our Lord is enabling you is just amazing! I’m praying for you…and that HE knows the plans HE has for you in full…full of hope and a future! This website IS visited by some truly amazing women and I’m thrilled you are with us, too!

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