No Matter What Happens …

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No matter what happens …
There are 3 persons who will be unaffected, unhindered, unchanged, un-caught-off-guard, and un-overwhelmed by the results of the US people’s voting today. Those three persons are…

God the Father
God the Son
God the Holy Spirit

They already know exactly who will be allowed to take the seat of the President of the United States. We, the people of the US, must obey the law of the land and cast our vote. It is not casting an endorsement for character. It is casting a vote birthed from a decision, a prayerful decision, we each much come to. And the opportunity we have in submitting that decision is encompassed in one word that people have fought and lost their lives in order for us to have – freedom. Freeedom to vote. But regardless of the outcome, the 3 Persons of the Trinity have given us this now, this futuristic, and this forever promise – a sealed and sure decision of Their own, from God’s own mouth for us to believe and receive:
“I have installed My King,” Psalm 2:6
Let me tell you something … when God says that He has installed His King, that King is the Lord Jesus Christ. And there is no president who will ever now, (nor in the future), over-rule, over-step, or over-reign the King of Kings! God has the final word – always. Not Trump. Not Clinton. God. Always. And His word has installed …

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