Modern Day Idolatry – Part 1

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You know how you get a sunburn? It’s actually very easy to explain – You spend a good bit of time outside without sunscreen or without enough sunscreen and the sun (slowly and rather subtly) pours its UV rays onto your skin. It’s subtle because most of the time we have no idea until the next day just how cooked we really are. And it hurts! We didn’t know when that “point of no return” actually happened because when we are outside having fun and especially splashing around in water, we really have no idea when the sunburning became no longer a tanning but a serious and painful problem.

There has been a slow and subtle “sunburning” happening in and among the church. A very subtle and slow wearing down.

Idolatry may not be due to our building gods out of stone and wood, but we sure build them today. We sure build our own gods and we’re good at it. Ministry idolatry is rampant and Jeremiah 1-3 tells us how God feels about our using His righteousness for self-glorification. This is Part 1. Part 2 will be posted on Monday. Part 2 will break this on down and help us see more of where this is happening and help us to look right into the most critical place of all – our own heart; while also showing us the life of HOPE we have in Christ.

Lisa Rippy

I’m Lisa Rippy, a happily married woman to my wonderful Rip. We have 5 children and we live right outside of Madison, MS. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love for all things “homey” from decorating, simplifying, remodeling, organizing and simply turning a house into a "Home Sweet Home." My passion is helping families live the life they long for in the interior of their hearts and homes. It all requires thought, planning and work that Rip and I both love to do! But if there is anything at all I can do to help you and your home life, please reach out to me. Nothing would thrill me more than to inspire YOUR heart and home!

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