Mike & Sharon Davis Have a New Master Bathroom!

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One thing that I LOVE to see is this — family’s having the HOME they long for! And with the Davis’ family, I am here to tell ya’ … they LONG for family! And they experience it every day. They work together, vacation together, and it’s just remarkable to me how intertwined they all are in each other’s lives, and they all support one another. They’ve stolen my heart!

I sat one day in Sharon’s father’s office (a business owned by the family, Mars & Steel), she showed me photos and told me stories about their WHOLE family, and I was in tears. Literally. She had to get up and get me a tissue because of how devoted they all are to one another. It truly is what I call “A Beautiful Family.”  So when they called us wanting to remodeling their home, room by room, of course I was up for the challenge, but I had NO idea that I was going to be invited into such a precious family to serve!

Now, there was someone involved in making all this happen who we worked with and I can’t applaud him enough! Shane McLendon! 

As we were asking around searching for just the right contractor for Interior Inspirations to be identified with, we prayed fervently…and then SHANE was recommend by a Christian builder who has built one of my houses in the past  – Paul Graham. Paul highly recommended Shane and so I called him. It wasn’t long before I noticed remarkable qualities about this military solider husband and father – his commitment to excellence, dependability, thoroughness, professionalism, and the most glaring quality – humility!  As we worked on Sharon and Mike’s bathroom, I would go to other places for the finishes, fixtures, etc. and everyone I worked with also couldn’t say enough about Shane. His reputation is solid and growing in our community and it’s truly an honor to be able to work with him, his crew and to have his name beside ours in business. Meet Shane…if he’s not working, with his wife or children, he is enjoying the great outdoors. I called him one morning and he had just caught a 7 foot alligator!




Shane with his wife, Breanne, with his Home Remodelers award! (They have quite the love story, too!)

One day… Shane is also going to build a house for Rip and I and we are already looking at plans now because one thing Rip and I long for is a “Shane McLendon home” out in the country!

So …. to start into this full house remodeling project, we first started with the master bathroom. The first photos are all the “BEFORE” pics.

CLICK on any photo to enlarge.


Several things she wanted — more storage! This woman needed more organized space to hold all her necessaries. And she needed more light.


This is Mike’s side. This is to the left of Sharon’s vanity area. You turn to your left from her sink, and walk right into Mike’s vanity, with toilet on the right and …


This shower was tired….needed to be put to rest!


To get into the shower, there was a single glass door that would swing open and touch the toilet.


…ONLY a shower on the right. No tub.


This full wall length cabinet is in-between her vanity space and his, but only Sharon had access to it when the door to the toilet/shower was closed…and this is where the towels were stored.

So, we changed things …  (I took all AFTER photos with my phone so apologize for the brightness and loss of detail, but next time I’ll use my Nikon!)


More storage…more light…more girly-fide!


Sharon needed storage so now she has plenty.


She already had the chrome faucets some we let them determine how we selected the other finishes and fixtures. Chrome is a reflective smooth texture, so I chose finishes that would also reflect light and give that clean lines look.


Now when you leave Sharon’s vanity, instead of swinging open one large door, she has two smaller doors that push back on both sides. Mike’s vanity now as so much more light.



When Mike wants something small like deodorant, face towel, shaving cream, after shave, hair comb, etc., we now gave him access to the cabinet that was only in Sharon’s vanity space. Everything Mike will need for his personal hygiene and grooming will be organized in small divider trays/totes so all he will need to do is take it out of the cabinet and place it on the counter. Now, when both doors to the toilet area are closed, he can still get access to the cabinet and let it hold all his small personal items…below his sink will be where he stores towels, and large items like hair dryer.


Much better!


Here’s Mike little medicine cabinet! Isn’t this the most darlin’ use of space?! I like to squeeze as much USE out of space as possible!


No more dungeon shower…a brand new soaker tub and shower combo!


The tiles and mosaics and granite all came from JTM…love the team there!


ok, so I need to steam the shower curtain, but I went with one “extra long” and in pure white. Two shower robe hooks were installed on the backs of each door.


At Home is where all the little “pretty-pretties” came from!



Now, it’s time to move on to the Master Bedroom and keep moving forward until we have the Davis home all freshened up with new light, bright spaces…for the family to enjoy!

**Lowes – bathroom fixtures

**Ferguson – plumbing fixtures and supplies

**Sherwin Williams – all paint


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