Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Dear Jesus,

I praise You this morning! Thank You for leaving the Glories of Heaven, coming in the form of a baby and being born to die for me! Year after year I used to let Your birth come and go, all the while being more consumed with the decorations, food, and gifts, but not today. Not this Christmas.

Jesus, You are everything to me! My Savior, my Life, my Redeemer, my Burden Bearer, my Chain Breaker, my Hostage Negotiator, my Healer, my Restorer, my Delight, my Provider, my Teacher, my Confidant, my Best Friend!

Jesus, You are more than a story…more than a Nativity Scene, more than a kind bearded man who did good deeds and told great stories. YOU ARE THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD! YOU ARE THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR!

You, Lord Jesus, are too Wonderful to explain, too Marvelous to proclaim, too Glorious to describe, too Majestic to abide!

You, Lord Jesus, left it all, felt it all, told it all, gave it all. Your Blood Lord Jesus saves us all….if we will only believe.

Thank You that today You began Your assignment and that my name was on Your List. Unlike Santa, You aren’t checking it to see if I am naughty or nice, and you don’t have to check Your list twice.

One Father, One Son, One Spirit, One Birth, One Life, One Death, One Resurrection, One Victory…..all for one like me. Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank You that You are the Only One for me! I love You Jesus!

Living Free,


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Rene' Collins

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  1. Debbie Campbell on December 27, 2015 at 3:07 am

    Thank you Renee for reinforcing what Christmas is all about! I do love to read your words; your thoughts from God to me always encourage, inspire, or just remind me of what I know and need to be aware of yet again. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your precious family!!!

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