Spring Wreathes that Share a Message

Front door Wreath
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This past Sunday, Rip and I not only worshipped together while our pastor, Ronnie Falvey, brought the most powerful message on the Cross of Christ, but we also had communion together. And let me just tell you, if on Sunday, when you come home from church, if you and your spouse and your children will take a moment to pour some grape juice into some dixie cups and break some crackers into small pieces and simply “do this in remembrance of Jesus” … there is something so unifying and so special in the privacy of it. Will you try it? Go home from church one Sunday and before anyone changes out of their clothes or leaves for food or to go and be with friends, take time to approach the throne of God – confess your sins, repent, pray together, love each other unconditionally – present your praise as a family or as a couple as an offering to Jesus and remember that He endured the cross for the joy that was before Him. That joy was you!

And that is one of the reasons I created this front door wreath….

I started with a grapevine wreath – symbolizing Jesus’ crown of thorns Then, the sprigs of lambs ear – symbolizing He was the perfect and accepted Lamb slain for the sins of the world. The 3 daises – the Daisy is a flower that traditionally symbolizes innocence and purity. Jesus was innocent from all charges brought against Him and it was His holy purity (sinlessness) that perfects the work of the Cross. “Perfects” means bring to completion; finish. I chose 3 representing the Holy Trinity. The touches of purple is for what it represents in Scripture – royalty, nobility, priesthood.  The bursts of goldfish/yellow flowers represents the glory of Resurrection Morning! The glory of our Risen Savior! He burst out of the tomb, and because He is alive, we live ALIVE!!

And here’s our side door…and you know there is meaning in this touch of Spring, too!

Started with the same grapevine wreath but this one is OVAL in shape. Is there symbolism in the oval?? Oh, yes there is!  The term oval is derived from the latin words ov or ovum, which means egg. Every easter, in some form, we tend to be associated with eggs, but in ancient times—and even still today—the shape represents rebirth, new life and family. The green sprigs of fern and leaves shows just that – new life. The color green is obtained by mixing yellow (trials) with blue (Word of God). Therefore, the biblical meaning of the color green is immortality. (The leaf shall not wither (psalm 1:3). Green is also symbolic of resurrection – the Resurrection and what we see each Spring as plants and trees and shrubs resurrect to new life. And lastly, those long stems of small white flowers … white, in the bible, symbolizes the Word of God, purity, divinity, salvation, truth, atonement, redemption. White – Bride of Christ, surrender, harvest, righteousness, victory, blessedness, joy, peace, completion, triumph. And the small flower, well flowers in the bible typically symbolized divine goodness and truth.

Have you made a spring wreath for your home? If not, think about what you want it to symbolize…because as Rip and I have experienced, when folks come over and simply comment, “Oh I like your wreath!”, then you get to share the joy in making it with them. People never turn away from sincere expressions of joy and I have found that they LOVE knowing there is meaning behind what you create!  Our wreaths on our doors simply introduce the opportunity to share the truth of Easter – the gospel of Jesus. And if anything, when the UPS man or the next door neighbor comments, you can share the symbolism with them and … watch them smile!

And it wouldn’t be spring without a spring time cake! The Hummingbird cake with homemade cream cheese icing turned out to be so delicious! Here’s the recipe


But it’s that little lettuce leaf vase with the bunny hanging on that I just love! Hobby Lobby supplies the best spring time flowers and those little white flower plates???  Cutest little dishes and THAT cake on THOSE plates made for some fun eatin’ in this house!!

While I have been celebrating my favorite focus of the year, Easter. adding small touches of spring to our home is always so much fun! Nothing sparks new life, new vision, and new hope than focusing our full attention to why we even have new life, new vision and new hope to begin with…it’s because of Jesus said in John 14:19, “Because I live, you also will live.”

In His Grace,



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