Love, More than Words

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                                              1 John 3:18 “Let us not love in word…but in deed and in truth.”

The love word, can be used with little thought of its deeper meaning.  I love steak.  I love the Panthers.  I love peanut M&M’s.  Why does the love word easily roll off our tongues; when speaking of food, game players, cars, even a chair? When used flippantly; the love word can lose its passionate zeal, when used to express feelings for a person.

A home can whisper I love you without a word being said.  A favorite meal prepared for a spouse or child, a candle lit room with soft music playing in the background, the laundry all folded and put away; all of these can whisper I love you, to the ones living in your house.

It’s easy to say I love you, but going the extra mile by displaying acts of kindness, proves to someone that you love them.  John encouraged us to love in deed and in truth.  If we love people the way Jesus loved them, we will want to do something for them.

Jesus said in Matthew 25:41-45 “Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.”

If we say we are moved by a need and do nothing about meeting that need; it shows the person a lack of concern on our part. Jesus cared deeply for the people God placed in His path.  He loved unconditionally without judgement.  When confronting issues, He spoke truth in love.  Love those people God has placed under your roof, with more than words.  Let your deeds shower them with great love and grace.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, help me love in deed and in truth all those You purposefully placed in my life.


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