Living Certain In an Uncertain World – Lesson #1

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Hi there! Hope this Saturday morning has you and your family up and at ’em!

I’m actually getting ready to go get some yard work done, but first wanted to post our weekend bible study.

Living Certain – Lesson 1 PDF2

You do not have to complete this in the weekend, … we actually have all the way until Wednesday to work on this. But I like posting it on Saturday morning instead of Friday nights because … well, honestly, most of us are involved in some kind of activities on Friday evenings.

But instead of calling our Wednesday time, Wednesday in the Word, I thought I’d give it another name. Because when I went to Google, I found “Wednesday in the Word” all over the place … Beth Moore’s TV bible study time, churches all over the place that offer small group study time, pastor’s having their online “get through the week” messages posted with that title…it is just a widely used popular phrase.

So, how about this – Every Wednesday’s Video lesson will be called – “The Getaway

Here’s what I’m thinking … for most of us, to have some real stilled and quiet time in the Word of God, to get alone and go deep, we need to “get away” from everything else that demands our time. We just need to get away from the dishes, the stacks of laundry, the to-do lists and yes, even just for 25-30 minutes, get away from our precious families. For us to get away and be with encouraged, sometime,s takes an act of congress to pull off. But the good thing is this – the lessons are all video archived . I just want to have some time together with you opening our Bibles and leaning in to take some deep breaths of His wisdom for our life and for me, I literally need to “get away” from work, business and folks in order to breathe.

When you come to The Getaway, I will have some Giveaways for you, too. The way you get your name in the drawing for the Giveaways, is you simply COMMENT after you have viewed the bible lesson. Share your thoughts…ask a question, etc. If you want your name in the drawing more than once, then comment on someone else’s questions/comments. Y’all…I just see us becoming a little more tight-knit as a group. As an online community – posting prayer needs, etc.

All the more as we see the day approaching, we are going to need our sisters in Christ and as I’ve talked with many of you on the phone, we are all SO likeminded and like-tried, too. We are all facing similar struggles and having some hard pressing on our lives in such common ways.

This coming Wednesday, I will announce what my first “Giveaway” is going to be.  Then, announce the winner of it 1 week later, on the following Wednesday!

Have a great weekend and here is the PDF of our first “Living Certain in an Uncertain World” bible lesson!  Living Certain – Lesson 1 PDF2

In our Savior’s Unfailing Love,


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  1. Jessi Wise on August 1, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Loving this, thank you!

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