Laundry Room Reno…then what’s next!

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Hi there friends!  Well, we are at it again!

Time for Rip and I to push back our sleeves and get busy transforming another area of our home. The laundry room reno is under way, and so is the bathroom that is tucked behind a pocket door. For a temporary time, Rip and I will be using that little bathroom because of what’s next “AFTER” the laundry reno. When the laundry space is all complete, we will be moving right into project #2 — The bonus room! The bonus room will soon become a space that we envisioned the day we purchased our home. It will be our new master suite…and we are so pumped!!

This is not going to be easy.

This is not going to be a quick project.

This is not going to be anything “over the top” (Sorry, but we just aren’t over-the-top kinda folks.)

But ….

This is going to be loads of fun! (With Rip, there’s no other way it can be!!)

This is going to allow us to transition into a home for “two” (where we will be in the near future) that will be more financially friendly. It will allow Rip and I to literally live on one side of our home…save us money from having to heat and cool the entire home.

This is going to be a way to inspire YOU, too!

And here’s one of the best aspects of this reno — We are “Financial Peace University” graduates and we are moving forward into this renovation using only cash. So as the Lord provides, we build! We will pay along the way. (Love the sound of debt free living!)

We are actually “building” a few other things right now in our life, too ….

Rip is building his “branch” of our Interior Inspirations business….he can do it all! Lawn care, home renovations and renewing, pressure washing, installing cabinets, home improvements, home repairs, installing landscaping, etc. He will actually have his own “Rip’s Tips” page on this website so guys can find him much easier. He will be making videos that show “how to” do all kinds of manly things, and will show what he is involved in, too. Like today, he’s working his lawn care, plus installing an AC unit.

I am building the “tutorial/consulting/writing” branch of our business….and we’ve been very busy during the month of May. I’ve heard from many women who want help with creating the home atmosphere they have dreamed of, help with establishing a life plan, and how to best manage their time. But also, we are seeing requests for bible studies, written materials for the home, etc.

So, please pray for us as we keep walking as God leads. And pray for my time, as well. That I will be disciplined to study, write and create these resources that so many of you are requesting. I LOVE IT, but sure could use a very artsy and creative person who could come alongside me with help for this side of ministry development. SO if you are reading this and you are that person, or your know someone who may could help in this way, please let me know…I’d love to hear from them!

As some of you know, as a family we have faced a few trials lately (still are), but we are also facing each day with the promises of God and the instructions of His sweet spirit found in His Word. Without our Bibles, we flat out wouldn’t make it.

We want to share with you the journey of this next renovation, as well as some of the other less involved home projects. So keep stopping by and we hope you are also inspired to look around your home and ask …“What would I like to do to make my house more of a “Home Sweet Home.” IF you get stuck for ideas, call us. Contact us. Our consultations are FREE for the first hour and we’d love to help. IF you would like any of our hands-on-services, then by all means, contact us soon and we would love to add you to our June calendar.

Hope to hear from you soon,

lisa & rip

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